Kelly and Case


When I first started planning my wedding, I figured all officiants were the same.  I mean, I’d been to a few weddings.  They all had the same elements, you stared at the back of the bride and groom, listened to some life lesson, heard the regular vows, saw a kiss, the end.  So when it came to hiring my officiant, I wasn’t too worried about who we’d hire. My wedding planner recommended Christiane and I said “why not”.

Well, it turns out, all officiants are NOT the same.  And I am so thankful I did not learn that the hard way.  My ceremony wasn’t like other ceremonies.  People laughed as much as they cried, I watched my guests as they celebrated with me, and our vows were not the traditional vows—the ones that didn’t reflect me, my husband, or our relationship.  Every single part of my ceremony was unique.

 And everyone knew it. 

 After the ceremony all of my guests spoke about how unique my ceremony was.  Comments included things like “it was exactly what a ceremony should be” and “that was so you!” We couldn’t be more thankful for Christiane’s help in personalizing our ceremony.  It’s something neither of us will ever forget.

 Book Christiane, you will not regret it.

Kelly & Case